Again life will be much more comfortable with xlice.net. Our service doesn't make only saving files on diffrent hosters easier, it also boosts the durability of your files.
Registration is furthermore complete free and the usability is very handy. It is possible to collect your uploadlinks in the memberarea and manage everything you want in one single backend.

Please choose some files from your local harddrive or use some links to available files all of the internet. After doing this your only mission is to select the desired hosters and press the upload-button.

yours, xlice.net

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The necessary upload time depends on your own internet connection speed and the current load at xlice. After finishing the upload progress you'll get the proper xlice-link which includes all resulting links to your desired filehosters (as far as the upload is finished successfully).

Latest news (08-25-08)

xlice.net launched for public access. Please use the contact form to tell us possible failures and proposals for new features.

xlice.net is a production of XLICE A.G. Uploading of copyrighted material is prohibited. Every detected link will be deleted immediately!
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